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Sex Toys for Men

Sex Toys for Men

We all know that using sex toys adds an extra boost of pleasure to our sexual experiences, but like women, men can see some major benefits to using sexual enhancing products.


Not only can it reduce the risk of prostate cancer, but it works wonders as an all-natural stress reliever.


Although men can find pleasure in many different toys, here are a few of the more common options.




Normally made of super soft material, these little babies oftentimes resemble a twat, bum, or mouth.  You can opt for options that don't depict body parts and simply use your imagination.  Many come with patterned insides to give the user an amazing, unique stimulating encounter.


Much more fun than just rubbing one out with your hand when you don't have a partner.


I can personally vouch for The Main Squeeze Line by Doc Johnson.  My boyfriend has used and loved two different versions.  The big perk these have is the ability to add a desired amount of pressure often lacking in other plastic-cased masturbaters.  One tip for better use would be warming a waterbased lubricant beforehand because who really wants to fuck a chilly twat or tush?


Prostate Massagers...


These bum button pleasers come with a lot of health benefits in addition to added pleasure.  


*They can help with erectile dysfunction issues.

*Lesson the discomfort of pelvic pain and tension.

*Enable an overall, better sexual performance.

*Achieve an awe-inspiring, stronger orgasm that may knock your socks off.


You can purchase massagers in both vibrating and non-vibrating forms to please your P-Spot.  When starting any anal play as a newbie, you always want to use generous amounts of lube and work your way up in size.


Anal Beads and Plugs...


These are commonly used for adding an increase in stimulation both during a sexy session with a partner or while flying solo during masturbation.  It adds an extra fullness feeling that some people enjoy.  These are also amazing tools to consider for training your body for larger toys, such as a dildo or vibrator.


Again, there is no such thing as using too much lube!


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Cock Rings...


They come in various forms.  Stretchy to metal.  Vibrating to stationary.  They also have benefits to help in sexual performance by trapping blood flow in the penis.


*Transform your penis into a dick version of the Hulk- They can increase your member in both size and hardness.

*Can extend your playtime by making you last longer by delaying your orgasm.

*Increase the intensity in which you orgasm.  Yay!


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Cock Cages...


This one is definitely not every man's cup of tea, but there are quite a few in the BDSM community who thoroughly delight in orgasm denial.  Some even swear by these chastity devices saying that they actually can increase your sex drive.


In Conclusion...


Why not add extra stimulation to intercourse and while waxing the weasel?  Experiment and find out what works for your unique body.  You may find yourself on a path to sexual enlightenment.


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