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Sex Toys are becoming more popular!

As sex toys are becoming more mainstream, men and women is seemingly embracing their sexuality and exploring the world of intense orgasms. With the growing number of products on the market, individuals are able to enjoy solo sex as well as enhance their experience with their partners.

Here at Vibe That Spot, we aim to provide high-quality sex toys without the high-ticket price. Not only that, you can feel confident in where our products come from. As a Houston based business, we use distribution centers exclusively in America. 

One of our top priorities is to help men and women feel empowered and excited to learn more about their own sexuality. The way we do that is to showcase our products in an easy to see format. You won’t be overwhelmed with toys that are complicated or hard to understand.

New Toys Are Being Added

As a new toy shop, we are in the process of adding new items to our shop all the time. You will find an array of products such as:

● Lubes
● Vibrators
● Handcuffs
● Anal trainers
● Sexy party favors
● Toy cleaner
● And more…

Make sure you are always checking out the store for the new items that we are adding. You may find something you truly love!

How to Pick The First Toy

One of the reasons people shy away from making this kind of purchase, is that they don’t know what to get. A basic vibrator for women or penis sleeves for men is a great first purchase. These toys are easy to use and can enhance your solo play or couple time.

Ways to Try Out Your New Purchase

If you’ve never used a toy before, you may not feel comfortable trying it with a partner to start. If that’s the case, consider using it a few times on your own. This will allow you to get comfortable with it before introducing your partner.

Get Ready For Maybe The Most Intense Orgasm You’ve Had

Many people say the first time they use a toy, it produces one of the most intense orgasms they have had. It is a completely different experience than manual or oral stimulation. For women that have a hard time orgasming, a vibrator is often a great investment.

Visit Our Shop Page
Be sure to head over to our shop page to find your next toy. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

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