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Safe sex practices during a pandemic

Safe sex practices during a pandemic

It’s truly a unique time living during a pandemic and it can be challenging to decide how to approach different situations that you may have never had to think about before. In the case of sex and intimacy with the threat of COVID-19, while there are varying opinions, it’s up to you how strict you want to be about the precautions you take to avoid getting sick.


While the virus hasn’t been detected in semen or vaginal fluids, it can spread through saliva and fecal matter so that’s something to keep in mind. But the most common way to catch it is through respiratory droplets and since it would be near impossible to stay six feet away from your partner, there is risk involved in having sex with someone else.


But this isn’t to say that sex is off the table. There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself that are safe as long as you take some extra precautions to protect yourself and others from spreading the virus. Here are some safe sex practices during a pandemic so you can decide what will work best for you.


You are your safest sex partner


Masturbation is hands-down the safest way to achieve sexual pleasure during the pandemic and the only 100% safe way to have sex right now. If you’re getting bored and find that you miss sex with a partner, but you aren’t willing to take the risk right now, try adding some sex toys to the mix.


Just make sure that you wash your hands and any sex toys you use with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to keep things sanitary. It’s also good to note that those are things you should be doing even when there isn’t a pandemic.



Someone you live with is next best


If you are living with your partner, then you’re luckier than a lot of people who are riding out this thing alone! If you are going to have sex with someone (other than yourself), the safest person is someone that you are already seeing on a regular basis, particularly someone that you’re already living with.


However, even if you are going to have sex with a partner that lives in the same home with you, you can take some extra precautions like avoiding kissing and face to face contact.


Avoid face to face contact


It sounds impossible to avoid face to face contact when having sex with someone, but there are ways that you can try to limit. If you can manage to find positions that you both enjoy where you’re facing away from each other, then you may be able to avoid breathing on each other which will help you avoid coming into contact with as many respiratory droplets (which is how the virus usually spreads).


You could wear a mask during sex if you’re both comfortable with it as well, there’s a study that shows it’s beneficial. However, most people find that they’re unwilling to do so. The important thing is that you’re doing what you’re comfortable with in order to stay safe.


Avoid sex when sick


While it probably doesn’t sound all that appealing anyway, it’s best to avoid having sex with someone else when one of you is sick. Because COVID-19 can present with many different symptoms and a range of severity, it’s best to just avoid sex completely if you or your partner are feeling under the weather at all just to play it safe.


Wash up afterward


After being intimate with somebody else make sure to do your part to keep yourself and others safe by washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer is a second-place alternative if you can’t immediately wash your hands.


Also, don’t forget to wash your sex toys and anything else that was touched during your intimate encounter because, while it’s less likely, COVID-19 can also be spread by touching a contaminated surface.


Use technology


While it may not be as satisfying, you can definitely use technology to your advantage. Facetime, video calls, and sexting have become more popular with those who don’t live with someone that they can hook up with. Sexy photos, dirty texts, and mutual masturbation can be a lot more enticing than they sound. If you’ve never tried using technology in this way before this might be the perfect time to try it out!



Sex in the time of COVID-19 is a bit trickier than it was back before the virus hit. But that doesn’t mean that you can have sex or that you can’t find sexual pleasure. Using safe sex practices during a pandemic when you do decide to have sex will keep you, and any partners you happen to be with, safe and will help prevent the spread to others as well.

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