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How do I choose the right toy for me?


Dildos. One word, but how different they can be! Big, small, short, thick, narrow, pink, brown, glittering. There's no limit to the color, shape and texture of dildos.  And like Goldilocks, you want to find the one that's jussssst right.


There really is a dildo for every occasion, and for every person. Dildos can be customized, and there is a growing market for niche, custom dildos (think a lightsaber, for a star wars fan). I'm not going to delve into that because we would be here all day! I'm just here to talk about how you can pick the dildo that's best for YOU!



First of all, when it comes to your dildo, size DOES matter. You aren't going to buy a dildo that's not going to impress you, but you also don't want to bite off more than you can chew and get one that's TOO huge. Pick the size of your dildo not only based on your preference, but also on your anatomy. If you're not used to huge, don't get huge. Of course with practice and use, you can always get to your fantasy dildo, but when choosing your first, be practical.


Especially if you plan to use it both anally and vaginally, or just anally. Bigger is sometimes better, but start small if you're unsure and work your way up! You want to enjoy the experience and get comfortable with your new toy, not end up frustrated or causing injury.



Material is a very important factor in choosing your first dildo. It probably isn't the most fun to think about, but the material you choose can determine not only how it feels, but how safe it is, if it should be shared with partners, even where and how to store it! You don't want to go reach for your favorite jelly dildo and find out it's flattened because it wasn't stored properly! 



Rubber, jelly, and TPR/TPE are the most cost effective of more lifelike looking dildos. These materials tend to be porous so can be difficult to sanitize, so partner use isn't recommended unless you use a condom. These products need to be stored in a cool dry place. 


Silicone mixes and food grade silicone dildos are Usually at a bit higher of a price, but can be completely sanitized and have a longer lifespan of use. 


Glass and metal dildos are another popular option. They don't have the realism of the other materials, but can be very beautiful and detailed. Another great thing about these is that they are very body safe and easy to sanitize, and can be shared with partners without any concern. They don't have any give or flexibility, so keep that in mind when exploring these options.



Ah! The fun part. What do you want it to LOOK like? 

What color, shape? Realistic? Or something more discreet? 


This is fun because its completely up to you, and your preference. This is where you can safely and excitedly fulfill you fantasy! 


Do you want a super realistic dildo, with all the veins? Or is your preference a sleekly designed pink product you can't immediately tell it's a dildo at all? Whatever gets your motor running! The sky is the limit with options so have fun and pick the design that suits you!




This is another one that can also be confusing as a beginner in the world of dildos. It can be brain bending what some dildos can do! 


Some can heat up, thrust, rotate. Do you need a suction cup? Vibration? 

Not all dildos have a magical power, but there are many that do! This can be super fun to explore, because you may have never thought "hm, what if my dildo was warmer?", Because I mean that can really come in handy on a chilly day. 

Explore and experiment in this area! You may think your toy does the job well enough, but things can always get better, right?





Texture and material are similar topics in many ways. But here I mean, do you want ribbed? Bumped? Completely smooth? 

Dildos have all different textures to add a different twist to the experience. And they’re all worth a try! Don’t be nervous to explore the rocky terrains of a bumpy dildo, or spin out on a coiled one. 



It can be overwhelming, for certain with all of the endless options and categories to choose from. But it’s important to relax, and try to enjoy the experience. Choosing a toy of any kind is a very personal decision, and you want to make the right one (after all, you two will be spending a lot of time together!)

Explore all your options and choose what makes you not only comfortable, but excited! And don’t rush to try everything at once, there’s always time for bigger, warmer or wigglier.  And like Cinderella and her shoe, you want to find the right one! And if the shoe doesn’t fit, never be afraid to try again. I promise your perfect dildo is out there, waiting for you to choose them!

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