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Butt plugs

Everyone has heard of butt plugs. Maybe it was the end of a joke, or maybe you’re already aware of the pleasures and versatility of this type of adult toy, or maybe the idea makes you blush and change the subject. Whatever your feelings about anal play, if you’re male or female, whatever your orientation anal plugs can benefit you in ways maybe you have imagined! 

Anal toys can be used to stimulate the prostate, the vaginal cavity, and did you know the anus itself is surrounded by nerve endings? 

So, whether you’re a pro with anal play, or ready to expand your sexual horizons by exploring new things, there are a few things you should know before delving in to ensure you have a pleasurable and safe experience!


 What are anal plugs

 Some toys have more discreet and playful names, so based on just the title the function of these products may be confusing. With butt plugs, it’s pretty forward. They plug your butt! The anus is surrounded by sensitive nerve endings and with the right amount of lube and maneuvering there is plenty of pleasure to be found. 


What types of plugs are there? 

Like dildos and vibrators, they come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Typically, by design the start with a narrow tip and widen towards the middle, then taper off again into a narrow bottom with a wide or flared base. The rectum can have the power to suction and “suck” objects in, so this design prevents that and an embarrassing trip to the hospital. Some plugs even have cords, chains, or rings for this purpose too. 

These toys come in different materials as well! Silicone, silicone mixes, steel, glass. Like all toys it is important to pay attention to sterilization and storing, especially when using with partners! For partner use glass and steel are always suggested, as they are the easiest to sterilize, although silicone is also less porous it is usually recommended as it’s more flexible and comfortable.

Again, like other toys there are different functions as well! Vibrating, rotating, electric pulses! And it can be fun to choose your plug, as they can be bejeweled, glittery, colorful, have tails attached, and like all products there are novelty plugs available! (I saw a glittery pineapple plug last week!)


What’s important to know when purchasing and using anal plugs? 


LUBE! Generous amounts of lube are recommended, as for even the most expert of user’s insertion can be uncomfortable. Also, it is important to pay attention to the material, as with all toy’s infections can occur if the toy isn’t properly cleaned, so it’s much safer to go for a mess porous material. And, most of all, DON’T GO TOO BIG!  Especially at first. Anal play can be a training process, so do not push yourself or tearing can and will happen! 


So, is that all they do? Plug your butt? 


Well, yes, that is what they do. But that is far from all they do! 

The cab be used vaginally as well, to massage the back wall, or aid in double penetration, used to prep and train the rectum for other play, and some are very pleasing to the eye! They are immensely popular in the BDSM community as well (think wearing it for hours at a time with only your partner knowing). Plugs can be used in all the same wonderful ways any vibrator or dildo can. 


Anal plugs are an amazing way to spice up your life in the bedroom, not only with a partner, but solo! It can be daunting if it’s new, but don’t push yourself, LUBE UP, and begin to explore your limits! Hey, you never know until you try! And pleasure is never anything to be embarrassed about! 


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